Williamsburg residents want to ‘get rid of’ arrowhead condopories

Williamsburg residents are calling on Mayor Andrew Barr to ditch the Arrowhead condensing units that they say are an eyesore.

The condensing unit owners are trying to get the city to re-open the units and remove the city from the project, and are also looking to hold a meeting to get feedback from residents.

They’ve filed an application to be listed on the city’s historic property register, but the council has yet to approve the listing.

A meeting will be held at 5pm on November 10 to discuss the proposal and then at 7pm, at the same time, a formal application to have the listing revoked will be submitted.

“It’s a shame the Arrowheads are being sold and then being demolished, the residents of Williamstburg are paying a real price,” Mr Carr said.

“These units are part of what make Williamston one of the most vibrant, culturally diverse and economically vibrant cities in Australia.”

Mr Barr said he’d heard the complaints from residents and they wanted the council to do something about it.

“We want the city council to act to protect the heritage of the buildings, to protect them from being demolished and to make sure they are kept in good condition,” he said.

Mr Carr said he understood the residents wanted to have a say in the listing and would be happy to attend a meeting.

“I think it’s important that we have a robust public process for that, so the residents can have a voice,” he added.

“The residents are very much in support of the project and the residents are not against the Arrowids at all.”

He said the council would consider the residents’ feedback.

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