Why do you think the world’s most famous game developer, BioWare, is leaving EA and the EA logo?

A week after it announced that it was ending the development of Mass Effect 3, BioLogic has released a statement saying it will be working with other publishers to create a new title.

The studio says it will work with a number of publishers on a new game, but will not be announcing any specific titles.

“While we are not announcing any titles at this time, we will continue to work with our partners to create new games, new IPs and new IP genres,” the statement said.

The statement came after BioLogics board member and former EA executive Andrew Wilson told Polygon that he believes BioWare’s move is a mistake.

“There’s no doubt that the last year has been a very rocky time for BioWare and their business.

They’ve been under pressure to create more games.

They had to make a lot of money and they were under enormous pressure to do that, and they have a very difficult time doing that,” he said.

BioLogos board member, Andrew Wilson, speaks to Polygon in March.

BioWare has been under a lot more pressure than ever to do more games and has lost money.

The games they’ve made have been profitable but the company has struggled financially, and the games have been a little bit stale.

They’re in a position where they’re not as strong as they used to be, and I think it’s very much a reflection of the company, not necessarily a reflection on BioWare.

In the past, BioGames would say they were going to do one or two more games before they would stop working on Mass Effect, but they have since stopped doing any new projects, and this decision is not a reflection there.

Wilson says he expects a new BioWare game to be released in the next few months.

“I think it will have to be a Mass Effect game, a Mass Impact game,” he told Polygons Peter Berg and Sean O’Connor.

Bio Logic is a major studio that’s owned by Electronic Arts, publisher of the Mass Effect franchise.

EA is owned by Take-Two Interactive.

BioGames said it plans to release its new game in 2018.

“BioLogic is excited to be working on another great Mass Effect title with a dedicated team,” EA President of Worldwide Studios Frank Gibeau said in a statement.

“We are also thrilled to see BioLogIC is committed to the long-term success of our Mass Effect series.

Bio Games will continue working with BioWare to develop exciting new projects that will deliver the greatest possible gaming experiences for our fans.”