Why are all the condo towers being built?

The latest condo towers in Rosewood, Illinois, are expected to be completed by the end of next year, as developers are gearing up for a new year of construction. 

The latest developments include the $5.4 million Condo Village Condo, which is being built on the north side of the Rosewood Village condominium complex.

The complex is slated to be complete in 2017. 

“The project will provide nearly 2,000 new apartments and the development will provide a new, affordable housing experience for residents of the project,” said Tom Stell, the project’s chief operating officer.

The Rosewood Condominium complex is scheduled to be finished in 2017Source: The Rosewood News-Sun via APThe $5,400,000 Condo Townhouse, which will include 3,800 apartments, is also slated to open by the spring of 2021. 

More to come.