Which Condominiums Are Best For Men?

The Condominium Association of Boston recently released a survey that found that women’s preferred spaces are often far more luxurious than their male counterparts, with the median male-to-female ratio at 6:1.

Women also make up a greater percentage of buyers in condominium buildings than men.

But according to the survey, men are far more likely to choose larger spaces than women.

The association’s vice president of research, Emily Jaffe, told Vice that the data doesn’t suggest a gender bias, but rather that women prefer larger, more intimate spaces.

“We know that men and women have different preferences for spaces and for amenities in homes,” Jaffe said.

“But we don’t know if women are actually more likely than men to want to use the space.”

Women also have more preference for the smaller spaces, with men choosing the smallest spaces and women preferring the largest spaces.

Jaffe told Vice, “The majority of the spaces are for women.”

The Condo Board of Directors has already adopted policies and guidelines that would make it easier for women to get into condo homes.

“As a matter of policy, we are all for a greater variety of styles and sizes for all condominium owners, including women,” the board wrote in a statement to Vice.

“There is no reason that women shouldn’t be able to choose to live in our homes or to live at the same levels of sophistication and comfort that men are able to achieve in the same homes.”