Which cities are the most beautiful cities in the world?

A subreddit dedicated to analyzing which cities are truly beautiful has revealed the answer, and it’s Milan.

The subreddit, called renaissancecondominiums, ranked Milan as number one for the top ten most beautiful countries.

“Milan is an amazing city.

The city has a very beautiful history, the history of Italy is so vast and full of beautiful buildings.

It’s very easy to see it in a new perspective and understand its place in the grand scheme of things,” a user named marcus wrote.

Another user named davide added: “The city has some of the most gorgeous architecture in the whole of Europe.

And, of course, its a very interesting city to visit.”

The Reddit user who compiled the data said Milan was ranked number three overall, behind Paris, with the city coming in a close second, behind New York.

“I have to say I’m so impressed with the beauty of the city.

It has the kind of architecture that is truly beautiful and the people of Milan are very well cared for and very kind,” the user wrote.”

As I’m traveling around Italy, I’m surprised at the amazing diversity of people, places, cultures and cultures that exist in the city.”

The subreddit also revealed the best cities in America.

Los Angeles is the top city in the United States with a score of 5.1, ahead of the cities of San Francisco, Denver and Atlanta.

Paris comes in second with a 5.3.

The cities of Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and Washington DC are all ranked as number three.

The United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Canada, Belgium, Sweden and Spain all make the top 10.