When you are sick, you are a sick man

The medical examiner in Arkansas has ruled that a man whose death at a condominium in Broussard died of sepsis caused by a lack of oxygen in his body died of pneumonia, but a doctor who was present in the room testified he was unaware of the condition of the man’s lungs.

The medical examiner’s report, released Thursday, said the condition at the Brouessard condominium was exacerbated by the fact that the man had been exposed to a long-term infection.

The man died after being admitted to a hospital, where he had to be resuscitated.

The report noted that the medical examiner didn’t find a “concrete cause” for the man to die.

He was not an active patient at the hospital, the report said.

The medical report also said the man died at the condominium on Nov. 12, 2017.

He had been staying at the condo since July, when the owner moved into a new condominium.

The condominium’s management company said the owner’s death was not linked to the condo’s infection.

It said the owners had been working to address the condition and were doing well, and it did not know the cause of the infection.

The company also said it has received a lot of negative press for its management practices, saying that the owners are trying to help the people who live there.

The Arkansas State Bureau of Investigation has been notified, and the State Attorney General’s Office is investigating the case.