When the Marlins move, the Rays will move in as well

Marlins president Randy Levine announced Wednesday that he’s moving the team to Miami, and the Rays are moving in with the team as well.

The Rays and Marlins, which split last season, are among the most popular franchises in Major League Baseball.

Miami is home to both teams, and Miami is one of the more popular places in the world for American athletes to play.

The move comes as Miami’s economy has continued to slow since Hurricane Matthew ravaged the state earlier this year, as well as a recent tax increase that reduced the number of home sales.

It also comes just a month after a Miami-Dade County judge rejected the team’s bid to buy the city-owned Tropicana Field.

The Marlins will be moving into a new $200 million, 12,000-seat stadium that they purchased for $240 million in 2017, and they’ll play at Marlins Park until 2022.

The team will still have a major-league baseball stadium in San Diego until 2026, and it’s expected that they’ll have a minor-league stadium in the future.