What you need to know about lakeside villas

A luxury resort is a perfect fit for a lake, a new report suggests.

The resort’s owners want to develop the area, which has a rich history of lakeside homes, into a lakeside village, which would include a shopping centre and hotel.

The developers have not set a price tag for the villas, which they hope to sell for $2.4 million.

They say the development would benefit surrounding properties by attracting visitors and locals alike.

They also say the resort would be a good fit for the nearby Lakeside Villas Development Project (LVDP), which is expected to see thousands of people and businesses relocate from surrounding suburbs to make way for the resort.

Lakeside Village condominium owners say they are open to the idea of developing the lake’s lakefront property for the purpose of a resort.

The LVDP was set up in January 2017 to build up Lakeside Park, an area on the edge of the city that has been largely vacant for the last decade.

The plan is to build two resort hotels, and several condominium and townhouses.

The LVDM is aiming to develop 5,000 square metres of lakefront land and 3,000 hectares of surrounding land.

The area is expected be used for a number of other uses, including the new lakeside shopping mall and hotels.

Lakeside Village owner and former city councillor, Mark Linton, told ABC radio the new development could be a boon to the local area.

“I would say this would be fantastic, it would be the perfect fit.”

We would be able to attract a lot of people, and we’d also be able in that same period to build a shopping mall.

“He said it would also be a great amenity for the surrounding community.”

It’s an area where it’s not really connected to anything else, and it’s been very difficult to attract the community to the area because of the traffic and the traffic noise, and so it’s nice to have a lakefront site.

“He has also been approached by the developer to develop a shopping area on land adjacent to Lakeside park.

Linton said the development was likely to be approved.”

The Londons are very committed to Lakeshore Village and are very interested in what the community has to say about it, and as a result we’re looking at ways to develop that site as part of the Lakeside project,” he said.”

Hopefully they’ll get a deal done as quickly as possible and we’ll be able get the project moving.

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