What to do if you have to leave your Maplewood condo apartment building

If you have a Maplewood condo or condominium in Toronto, you may be asked to vacate or re-open it.

But the rules are different for Barclay.

In its announcement last week, the Toronto-based company said it is taking action to address issues such as high water levels and noise complaints.

The company is also issuing an advisory to property owners that it may be required to vacates units in the building that have been deemed unsafe.

“This decision is not based on a recommendation from the city, the province or the city’s housing and environment department, said John Gillett, Barclays managing director.

Instead, this decision is based on our ongoing investigation into potential safety issues and the recommendations of the city and provincial and municipal authorities,” Gilleott said.

The City of Toronto has confirmed that Barclas plans to issue a formal notification to owners of condominium units that have experienced high water or noise levels.

In an emailed statement, Toronto spokesperson Jennifer Keesmaat said the city has a number of enforcement mechanisms in place to address concerns regarding high water and noise.

Gillet said that he does not know if Barclys actions will be enough to quell the issues. “

The City of Maplewood is committed to taking action when it is deemed necessary and has made significant investments to improve our public spaces.”

Gillet said that he does not know if Barclys actions will be enough to quell the issues.

“We believe that the City of London is a safer city and that we can be a safe city, but we have to do more than just address water issues,” he said.

“If we don’t get more work done in a timely manner, we are going to have an issue.”