What do you need to know about Crown Point condominium and Palazzo condo projects?

Crown Point Condominiums: 632 units, 1,300 Sqft.

$3.75 million.

This project was originally slated to be the second tallest residential building in the city.

Now, it has a new owner.

The condo owners have signed an agreement to sell the land to developer Peter D. Bittelbaum, and he’s set to start construction later this month.

There will be 439 residential units, 855 Sqf.

of retail, and an estimated $3 million in retail investment.

The project is located on an 11-acre parcel in Crown Point, a commercial district just north of the city’s downtown core.

The condos were built in the 1970s, with some of the largest, most spectacular views of downtown Seattle.

Palazzo Condominium: 2,000 Sqfts, 1.3 million Sq.

$2.2 million.

Located in the former King County Coliseum, this condo tower is expected to be among the most expensive condos in Seattle, with plans to build 2,500 units and 1.4 million Sqs.

of residential space.

This is an eight-story condo tower on the site of the former Civic Center, which was purchased by the Seattle Department of Transportation in 2015.

The building will be able to accommodate up to 3,000 people.

A view of the parking lot where the developers are building the new condominium project at Crown Point.

The new building will house approximately 1,400 residential units and an additional 2,800 Sqfs.

of commercial space.

It will also have a pool, an indoor basketball court, and a gym.

Bittelba said he plans to use the property for a number of uses, including a new office building.

He said that the project will have an additional 600 Sq Ft. of parking, which he hopes to bring to the area, as well as new amenities like a public plaza.

Palo Alto Condominium project: 1,350 Sq ft., 1,800 SQ ft. $1.4 billion.

This was supposed to be Seattle’s tallest residential project until the city cancelled it due to the cost of the $1 billion earthquake-related reconstruction.

Now that the condominium is finally coming to fruition, developer Peter Bittelman plans to convert the site to residential.

He’s building a one-story, 2,700 Sq F. condo tower in the heart of Palo Alto, which will have a ground floor retail space and parking.

The condominium will be located in a large parcel of land that was formerly the site for the former CTA station.

The project will include 2,600 residential units with 1,000 residential units on the ground floor and 1,200 on the second floor.

The units are slated to include 4,000 square feet of retail space, 1 million square feet on the first floor, and 1 million Sqt.

of office space on the third floor.

I don’t know if it’s possible, but the city says that the site is currently under condemnation.

The developer is planning to begin construction in mid-2018.

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