What are the top properties in the new Bay Area?

Bay Area real estate experts have identified the top five Bay Area condominium towers.

The top five buildings are located in San Francisco and San Jose, the two major cities in the Bay Area, and the area’s main commercial hub.

The condos are priced at more than $300 million, which is a new record, according to Zillow.

The tallest of the five buildings is at Bayview condominium tower No. 9, with a height of 2,600 feet, according Zillo.

That is nearly a third of the height of the tallest building in San Jose at 1,000 feet.

And while the Bayview towers are the tallest condominium buildings in the city, the Bay Bridge condominium building is the highest, at 1.7 million feet, Zillows data shows.

The two towers are on the waterfront at the San Francisco International Airport, and they sit right on top of the San Jose waterfront.

They are both owned by a group of Chinese investors, which was behind the first condo tower in the area, the new condo tower at Bay Point.

In September, the city approved a permit for the new condominium at BayPoint to go ahead.

The new condo towers are supposed to be completed by the end of next year.

The condos in San José and San Francisco are listed on Zillower, but the San Antonio condominium is still under construction and will be ready to go before the end, according the website.

The San Jose tower is being developed by the group of developers, which includes former Goldman Sachs executive Bill Keller.

A group of local residents has been pushing for the city to approve a new condo in the former Bay Point site, and in the past year, the condo building at Baypoint has been in the news.

The new condo building in Bay Point is scheduled to be ready for its groundbreaking on Jan. 20, 2019.