Westwood condensate condo court: $3 million home valued at $3.9 million

The Westwood Condensate Condominium in downtown Houston sold for $3,975,000 to a family that bought the home from developer Robert D. Lee.

The sale price was announced Thursday, after the house was appraised by a Houston appraiser, according to the Houston Chronicle.

The property, which is in the west-end condominium district, is located on Westheimer Boulevard in Westwood.

The condominium will be used by the family to move into a $2.9-million apartment on the first floor.

The new condominium is on the second floor, and it’s not yet known what kind of apartment it will be.

The home was listed for $1.8 million in November and is worth about $3m.

The price was just shy of the record $2 million sold for a home in West Hollywood, California, in January.

The family’s new home has two bedrooms and three bathrooms.

Westwood is also selling two condominium units at the site of its former condominium complex.

The first, called the Westwood Village, is for $2,950,000 and the second, the WestWood Condensates, is $2 of a million.

The West Woods Condensators are owned by a family from the Houston suburb of Westwood, and they purchased the condominium building in the same area in 2009 for $500,000.

Westheimer Boulevard is the heart of the city’s west side.