US president Donald Trump, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull face off in South Korea

President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull will clash in South Korean waters in what could be the first meeting between US President Donald J. Trump and Australian Prime Minster Malcolm Turnbull.

The US president and the prime minister will arrive on Thursday for a meeting to discuss the threat posed by North Korea and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

Trump’s arrival follows a visit by the president to the Philippines, where he met with Duterte, who has been accused of ordering extrajudicial killings in the south-east Asian nation.

The two leaders will also meet with US allies China and Japan, the Philippines’ foreign minister said in a statement.

The Trump administration has expressed concerns over China’s trade practices in the region and has stepped up sanctions on the country.

Trump has also been criticised for not meeting the Philippines leader.

He has been criticised by the Philippines for failing to deliver on his promise to do so, which is a major international issue.

A senior Philippine government official told Al Jazeera that Duterte has been “unable to make good on his promises to the people of the Philippines”.

“He was unable to meet his promise, he was unable make good his commitment to address this issue and I’m very confident that he is not going to make any good on this promise,” the official said.

“He is simply not interested in the people and the country, and I think this is a big problem for him.”

It is not a problem that he can overcome.

It is a problem of his administration.

He cannot fix this problem because he does not have the will to solve it.

“The Philippine government has accused the US of trying to impose its will on it by pressuring the Philippines to take part in the Rim of the Pacific (RimPAC) military exercises which are being held in the disputed South China Sea.

Trump had also criticised the Philippines over the use of force against civilians in the South China sea and warned that it would be “very difficult” for the Philippines not to take up the RimPAC exercises.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal last week, Duterte had said that he had “not wanted to go to the Rim”, and “did not want to do this exercise”.

He also said that it was “hard for me” to do it.US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told a Senate committee on Thursday that the US had expressed concerns about the use by the Philippine government of force in the East China Sea, which it claimed.

Tillerson said he was “very disappointed” by Duterte’s comments.”

The secretary of state, of course, expressed our concerns to President Duterte, and he is disappointed in what he said,” Tillerson said.

Trump, who is seeking to win the 2018 elections, has been on a two-day tour of Asia, including visits to Japan, China, South Korea, Australia and Malaysia.

Trump and his wife Melania Trump arrived in Japan on Wednesday.

In Malaysia, Trump and his wives Melania and Tiffany arrived at a military air base where they will be greeted by Prime Minister Najib Razak.

The Trumps will visit China and the Philippines on Thursday.