The new owners of the oar house will need to pay their rent

HARWOOD: The owner of the new waterfront condominium in Beaver Village has promised to pay its rent by the end of the year, but he is facing some new problems.

The new owner, the Ocean Club Condominiums and Residences, said Thursday it had been forced to temporarily close after flooding damaged a portion of the building.

A few months ago, it was able to open again but is now having to close due to flood damage.

The condominium company says the building has had more than 10 feet of water in the basement, and is working with the building manager and city inspectors to make repairs.

The building manager says he has asked the company to make a full assessment of the water damage and then close the building until it can be repaired.

The company’s website says it is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for its members and guests.

The website does not mention the name of the developer.

The city says the city is responsible for all costs associated with the property.

The Ocean Club is not alone in having problems with flooding.

The Beaver Village Condominium Owners Association also has had problems, including a water main break, power outages and damaged ceiling tiles.

The condo association says that it has not received any payment from the city for repairs.

City officials have said they are trying to address the problems that have been caused by the recent flood.

The water main broke, the building was flooded and it has lost power, and the owner of a neighboring condo told us the condo had been inundated, too.