Sugar Beach condo development to bring back blue-collar jobs

A new condo tower at the Sugar Beach condominium complex is expected to bring some blue-eyed, blue-haired residents back to the area.

The condos, designed by John H. Wainwright, are set to rise on a hillside next to a former railroad yard.

The owners of the property, which includes the Sugar-Beach Resort, said the towers will create a community with affordable, community-based housing.

The project, which is expected at the site of the former Sugar Beach Railway Station, has been approved by the town council.

It is being developed by an independent developer who says it will bring new jobs to the city.

The Sugar Beach Condominium Association plans to build five buildings at the property with two being retail spaces.

The buildings are slated to be constructed on a property that is owned by the Sugar Beaches and Sugar Beach Golf Course.

Sugar Beach Mayor Tim Clements said the community benefits from affordable housing.

“It’s not only a benefit for the people living here, it’s a benefit to the whole community,” he said.

“The condos are going to bring a whole new element to the community, and it’s not going to be just a retail store.”

The project has been a long time coming.

In March, Wainwrights project was approved by a local county council.

In June, the town board voted to approve the project, and the project was officially announced by the city in December.

The city says it is the largest development of its kind in the state of Florida, and has about 600 apartments.

It will be located in a vacant lot next to the Sugarbeach Golf Course, where there are now vacant lots.