Newport, RI, Condominiums Are Being Told to Shut Down

Newport, Rhode Island, the home to Newport Beach, is being told by residents to close down because of a health emergency that has claimed more than 70 lives.

Newport is also under a lockdown due to a coronavirus outbreak.

The city has been under a state of emergency since August and is still dealing with the spread of the virus, which is still affecting Newport residents.

As of Monday morning, Newport was closed to the public due to the threat of a coronatirus outbreak, and the city of Newport had no information about what would happen to residents who could not leave due to their health status. 

The city of Newington, New Hampshire, is also closed due to an outbreak of coronaviruses, which has already killed more than 500 people.

The lockdown has not been lifted in Newington and has not impacted Newington residents who were allowed to leave. 

Newington Mayor Scott Schulze announced Monday morning that Newport would be shut down for two weeks. 

“We are facing a pandemic, and it’s going to take some time to contain the coronaviral situation,” Schulzer said.

“We’ve got to get a grip and manage it. 

 “The quarantine is not going to do the job.

It’s going too far, and we have to get the public health response right.” 

Residents of Newport and Newington are being told to evacuate, according to a press release from the Newport City Manager’s Office.

The news comes just two days after the city’s public health director released a statement saying the city had received information of the potential for a coronacide outbreak.”

The City Manager has met with the Mayor and Newport residents, and both agree that the city is in the process of being evacuated, and that Newport residents should not leave the city until the pandemic has passed,” the press release said. 

According to The New York Times, Newport and Newport Beach have both experienced a pandemics outbreak in the last few days. 

Last week, Newport Mayor John R. Leland issued a statement, saying that the quarantine was not the citys fault, but rather the city was working with federal officials to find a safe and responsible way to evacuate. 

In response to the coronas outbreak, a group of scientists and community members have gathered at Newport City Hall, and are preparing to form a quarantine and evacuation center for people with no health insurance. 

On Saturday, the New York City Department of Health announced that it would be implementing a new policy that would allow residents of the city to remain in the city for at least a week to allow them to determine if they can be released from quarantine. 

At this point, there is no evidence that Newport is facing an imminent coronaviroctics outbreak, but there is a high likelihood that Newport and its surrounding areas will be under a temporary lockdown and that the public will be able to leave, and could eventually return. 

If you want to get up close and personal with some Newport residents who have just been told to close their homes, check out the Newport city Facebook page.