Neighbourhood groups demand new neighbourhood for heritage condominium project

Neighbouring communities in Hamilton’s historic Crescent Heights neighbourhood want to be given a chance to build a new community.

The neighbourhood is the heart of the city’s historic and cultural heritage and has long had a strong heritage community, but the plan by the city is to sell the heritage property and redevelop it into condominium buildings.

The Crescent Heights Residents Association said the plan would allow for an entirely new neighbourhood, where residents would have the opportunity to live, work and play in an integrated community.

It is a neighbourhood where people will feel at home, and it’s been a very important part of our heritage,” association president Chris Robinson said.”

We have people that have lived here for generations.

They will be the ones who are going to build it.

“The developers will be able to build something beautiful for them, and the community will get to have their own identity and the best of everything.”

The plan was presented to the Hamilton city council in September and the plan has been presented to city council again this month.

The developers would need to complete the planning approval process, which will be held on April 21.

The city will have to grant conditional use permits to be able the building is built.

The project has received a lot of support from residents who have said they want to see a new neighbourhood built in the area.

“I feel it’s a community that is not being developed and it needs to be developed in the neighbourhood,” Mr Robinson said of the neighbourhood.

“They need to get their land back, and if they’re not, then I feel it needs be redeveloped and they should have the chance to do it.”

The Crescent Hill Residents Association has long advocated for a new area of the Crescent Heights to be created and that is the impetus behind the proposed new neighbourhood.

The association has worked with other groups to find a community to build their community.

Mr Robinson described this as a new model for neighbourhood development in Hamilton.

“There are different ways to approach this and we are seeing that a lot more,” he said.

The city said it was reviewing the proposal.

“As we look at these issues, we’re also looking at the impact on the existing neighbourhood and its heritage.

It’s a model that we’ll look at as we look forward to this meeting,” Hamilton City Councillor Mike Layton said.”

Our community has always been at the forefront of that effort.

It’s a model that we’ll look at as we look forward to this meeting,” Hamilton City Councillor Mike Layton said.

Hamilton is currently undergoing a historic storm.

Residents are being advised to stay at home while emergency services work.