More condominium developments: Southeastern Condominiums will open next year

Southeastern condominium developers Evergreen Condominium have been granted permission to begin the construction of their first ever condominium in the Greater New York area.

The Evergreen development, located at the intersection of New York Ave.

and 7th Ave., will feature 2,200 square feet of retail, residential and commercial space.

It will be designed by New York-based architectural firm SSC Design Group, which has worked on some of the world’s most iconic buildings.

The company’s principal design architect, Peter J. Lipsky, said that the new development will be “ground-breaking in terms of the amount of space available for the residential units.”

The project is set to begin construction in 2020 and open in 2019. 

Evergreen has been looking for a developer to build its first condo since it was awarded the building in 2019, and the company is now ready to begin negotiations with developers to build the project. 

“We believe we are a great candidate for the project,” said Lipskys co-founder and CEO, Richard Gelfand. 

The Everglades and New York City were among the finalists for the contract.

“The EverGreen Condominium is the first in the world to be built with an affordable design in the Evergreen footprint,” said Gelfis. 

 The project will be the first condominium project in the area in 20 years, and Lipski expects it will be a boon to the Everglade’s tourism industry.

“This is the most significant development to come from the EverGreen footprint,” he said. 

After the Everglass Condominium was constructed in the 1980s, the Evergrande Hotel and Casino, a former World Trade Center site, and other condominium projects were built in the same site. 

Since the first Evergreen project opened in 2002, the company has also designed buildings in the New Jersey and New Orleans area. 

New condominium owners are being asked to be on the lookout for a new condominium to build in the greater New York region. 

In addition to the new Evergreen condo, Evergreen is also currently designing a second project for a site at the corner of 4th Ave.

N. and 1st St., in Manhattan. 

It is unclear when the new condos will be finished, and they are expected to take several years to complete. 

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