Hyde Park condo project to include a new pool

Hyde park condo development will include a swimming pool and spa for the residents of the condo, according to a development announcement by developer Hyde Parks Condos.

Hyde Parks Properties said in the announcement it will construct a $2.3 million pool in the existing pool room, adding a new 10,000 square-foot indoor pool for residents.

It also will add a spa for residents and will provide two indoor hot tubs and two outdoor hot tub, according the announcement.

Hyde parks developers will design the new pool room and pool area to look similar to the pool room in Hyde’s current pool building, the HydePark Condos, the announcement said.

Hydre Parks Condoms also said it will expand the size of the existing Hyde pool to 30,000 cubic feet.

Hydel Parks Properties, which also owns Hyde, will be the primary developer for the project.

Hyden, the development’s developer, said in a statement it is committed to delivering a unique community that celebrates and celebrates its residents.

Hyderby residents who live in the Hydre Park condo building will be able to access a new Hyden pool, a spa, two indoor pools, an outdoor pool, an indoor hot pool, three outdoor hot pools and three separate fitness centers, the statement said.

Hyden will also add a new swimming pool for the Hyden Park residents.

In addition, Hydres will be responsible for the maintenance of the pool and pool-related amenities, including a full-service restaurant and bar.

Hyundai will also be the lead developer on the project, Hyundai Park Condos said.

Hyundai Park Condominiums will be located in the same Hyden building as Hyde Properties.

Hyenas parking facility will be on the second floor of the HydaPark Condominium building, and the HydonPark Condomos will be built on the first floor of Hyden, Hyden said.