How to save $200,000 a year in rent in the Denver area

The price of a new home in the Greater Denver area is climbing faster than anyone expected.

It’s about $3,000 per square foot and rising.

But the real estate market is a tough one to forecast, so we’ll keep an eye on what’s happening in real estate markets around the country.

Here are the five hottest markets right now: 1.

Woodbury, Colorado – Woodbury has a median price of $4,300 per square feet.

It has the second-highest number of homes sold in the region behind Woodbury Hills in Denver.


Woodford Hills, Colorado: Woodford has a high median price and a median sales price of about $6,500 per square.


Woodville, North Carolina: The Woodville townhouse market has more than 1,200 homes for sale in the town, according to the realtor.

The townhouse is valued at $3.9 million and has a 3-bedroom, 1,000-square-foot townhouse.

The average price of homes in the neighborhood is $1.6 million.


West Virginia: The town of West Virginia has a 1,600-square foot townhouse that sells for $1 million.


Woodbridge, Colorado (near Denver): The market is expected to be a little more saturated.

In the first quarter of 2017, West Virginia sold 4,700 homes for $6.4 million.

That is the third-highest sales price in the state, according a report.