How to pay for windjammer condos

The Windjammer Condominiums and Waterfront condominium development project in the Sugar Beach neighborhood of downtown Orlando is currently undergoing a $500 million project to transform the site into luxury condos and luxury water sports facilities.

According to the developer, the project will include 5,000 square feet of office space, including a new restaurant, bar and bar-style space, and a large rooftop terrace.

It is expected to include a large outdoor deck for beach volleyball and an indoor water park.

The development will include a spa, fitness center, a spa-like activity center, and the possibility of a public swimming pool.

The developers say the project is part of a wave of condo development that is transforming Florida’s cities and towns.

The city of Palm Beach recently approved a $100 million project in that city to build an 8,000-square-foot condominium on the site of a former auto dealership.

And in December, the Tampa Bay Times reported that the Florida Keys Development Authority was in talks to develop a condominium at the intersection of Interstate 495 and I-4A in Daytona Beach.

The Sugar Beach project, which was originally expected to open in 2018, has been delayed for months due to the high cost of the project.

According to the project’s developers, it is the first condo development to be developed in the South Florida area since the condo boom of the 1980s.

The developers say that as a result of the high costs, they are currently in the process of negotiating with developers in other locations for similar projects.

As part of the deal, the developers are also looking for a partner for the project, with the goal of having the project complete in 2019.