How to Live Near Paradise, the Latest from Golfview

Paradise, Florida (CNN) — Golfview, the new condominium that’s slated to open in the resort town of Paradise this summer, is looking for renters for its newly opened resort condo complex.

A spokesperson for the resort said Paradise was recently contacted by a potential renter and that the potential buyer is looking to live in the property and is ready to rent out units.

According to the spokesperson, Paradise is looking at leasing a 2,000-square-foot, two-bedroom condo with the owner’s agreement to live there.

Paradise is a resort town, and most of the units are located on the golf course, the spokesperson said.

The condo is scheduled to open for business July 1.

The spokesperson said Paradise is working with the seller on leasing options.

The resort said it was looking to make the rental available for anyone interested in living in the condos.

The Paradise condo is the latest development in a long line of condominium developments in the Florida Keys.

The last one opened in June 2017, and the latest was approved in April 2018.