How to keep a condo in a condo management service

Condominium management companies in the Calgary area are scrambling to find solutions for the massive influx of condo residents that has recently arrived from the GTA.

The Calgary condo market is booming, with new construction on the rise and the number of units in use continuing to grow.

The latest statistics from Statistics Canada show that in the first six months of the year, 2,927 units were sold.

The figure is up almost 40 per cent from the same period in 2016.

The rapid pace of the growth is prompting many condo management companies to look for ways to keep the condos in good condition and on top of their existing condo properties.

The Alberta Real Estate Association says there is a lot of pressure on management companies and it’s difficult to find a solution that will meet all of the condo owners’ needs.

“I think that’s the main reason why it’s hard to find anything that’s going to be affordable,” said Tom Wiebe, managing director of the Alberta Real Property Association.

Wiebe says there are several ways condo owners can keep their units in good shape.

One option is to make sure the unit is properly maintained.

He says this involves paying attention to the maintenance schedule and keeping up with repairs and maintenance work.

“In terms of the upkeep of your unit, it has to be done as part of a monthly maintenance plan,” said Wiebes.

“If you’re not doing that, you’re probably not going to have enough time to get your units up to code.”

Another option is having a condo manager maintain and repair your unit.

Wiebel says this also requires some attention.

“The maintenance schedule for your unit is a bit of a different thing, because there are maintenance projects going on in your condo, and there’s some maintenance work that needs to be carried out on the building,” said wiebe.WIEBE says a condo can also have maintenance and repair crews on site at all times.

He said this is particularly important in the warmer months when the unit gets colder.

“If your condo is going to get to a point where it’s going out of service and it gets too cold, then you’re going to need that maintenance to be on site,” said Wolle, who also works for the Calgary Real Estate Board.

Wolle says condo management firms can also find ways to increase the number and quality of repairs on their units.

“They can actually make changes to the materials that they use on the units,” said he.WOLLE says some condo management agents are even recommending to their clients to install a thermal barrier around their units to keep them cooler and protect them from the elements.WOLE says this is not a solution for everyone, but it can make a difference.

“What you can do is, if you have a lot more people moving in the area, you might want to put thermal barriers around the units, but in some cases, it might be more important to protect the properties from the heat of the day,” said Wole.WOBE has launched a new website where condo management experts can offer advice and resources on keeping condos in better shape.

You can find the Calgary condo management association’s website here.

The City of Calgary also issued an alert about condo management problems, stating: “Residents are advised to stay aware of potential condominium issues, such as missing units, missing utilities, or overheating units.

In most cases, condominium owners can access an emergency service if they feel they are in danger.”

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