How to get a condo at Sandpiper, a luxury condo company

In a short-term sale, Sandpipers condo units can fetch $1,500,000, or $2 million in today’s dollars.

Sandpiers new condominium, The Bistro at Sandpin, comes with a swimming pool, private gym, spa, and private patio.

The luxury condos have been in the works for some time and were expected to be ready in the first quarter of 2019.

The company recently raised $15 million from investors including Anbang Insurance, Zillow and KKR.

The condominium is a collaboration between Sandpickers parent company, Sandpin Group, and The Bic.

The Bischoff Building is one of Sandpanners top two retail locations.

It houses the company’s flagship location, The Sushi Bar.

The Bisto is the companys newest luxury condo and it has a rooftop pool, a private gym with an elliptical machine, a spa, an outdoor kitchen, and a private courtyard.

The luxury condominium has a private rooftop pool with an indoor gym and a spa.

The resort and indoor/outdoor kitchen are available to guests.

A large terrace offers outdoor seating and outdoor seating.

The resort and patio offer outdoor seating with seating for up to 120 people.

The spa features a spa treatment room with a full bar and full bar area.

The hotel has three restaurants, a bar, and an on-site bar.

The hotel also has a lounge with a bar and private balcony overlooking the pool.

The condominium at Sandpins first location, Bistreq, has a two-story, four-car garage.

A full bar, a large terraces, and on-location bar.

The company has also added a rooftop parking lot for guests.

The sandpipers condos at Sandpointe, located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, are an upgrade of Sandpin’s first Condo at Sand Pointe condominium.

The first condominium was sold for $3.5 million in March 2019.

Sandpointes condo is a luxury apartment with a rooftop swimming pool and a rooftop dining room.

The Sandpicks condos are now up for sale at Sandpoints first location.

The Sandpigs new Condo is priced at $2.1 million.

The Condo has a full bath, private kitchen, outdoor patio, spa treatment area, and pool.

The condo also has an outdoor dining room and private courtyard overlooking the swimming pool.

It has a pool deck.

The condos condos at the Sands Sands location are also up for bid.

The Sands Sands Condo, which was sold in December 2019, is currently listed for $1.8 million.

The Sands Sands condominium offers a four-story residential complex with a spa and an outdoor patio.

It also has outdoor dining rooms, outdoor seating, and spa treatment.

The two-bedroom condo also features a kitchenette, a balcony overlooking an indoor pool, and two outdoor balconies.

The Condos luxury condos at The Sandbox are currently up for auction.

The The Sand Box condos is a five-story condo with a pool and private kitchen.

It is currently listing for $2,100,000.

The first Sandbox condo was sold on March 3rd, 2019 for $5.5M.

It was sold to Sandpicker, a condominium developer, for $4.8M.

The new condo is currently for sale for $900,000 and has a five story condo with outdoor seating overlooking the ocean.