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Hidden Lake Condominiums in Vancouver are being offered to first-time buyers with a “secret” hidden lake condo for less than $300,000.

The condo is the second hidden lake condorum to hit the market in less than a month, and is now on sale for the first time at the Hidden Lake condominium, a $3.8 million condominium located in the Lakeside neighbourhood of Vancouver.

Hidden Lake is located just a short walk from the waterfront and a short drive from the popular Vancouver Art Gallery, with the condominium offering a mix of contemporary, contemporary style, and traditional design.

It is located in an urban setting with outdoor balconies and a terrace that allows for views of the cityscape.

Hidden Lakes is just one of the condontours in the Vancouver Art District that are offering condo sales this year, and there are currently a total of 10 hidden lakes condominium units available for purchase, including a new hidden lake at Vancouver Park, a condominium at the Vancouver Aquarium, and one hidden lake in the new Vancouver Park Condominium.

It costs $3,900 per month for a 2,700 square foot condo, and the condo will have a walk-in closet and kitchenette, plus an optional private entrance, for an extra $900 per year.

Located in the Art District of Vancouver, Hidden Lake offers both affordable living space and an exclusive private beach.

The condominium features an open-plan kitchenette with an open floor plan, as well as a separate two-car garage for storage.

The hidden lake has a private pool and a heated patio.

There are also two bedrooms and two baths.

Hidden lakes have been in the market since the fall of 2018, and now have two condo sales for the 2018 calendar year.

Hidden lake condos can be found in Vancouver, Burnaby, Delta, Richmond, Richmond Hill, and North Vancouver.

If you’re looking for a unique, luxury condominium in Vancouver and want to buy a hidden lake, check out Hidden Lakes.

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