How to buy the best condominium in the city

The best condos in Toronto are all within walking distance from the water.

There’s also plenty of retail, shopping, dining and entertainment options along the way.

But there’s also some serious competition.

Below, we break down the best Toronto condos in one handy infographic, showing the best options for every price range, type of unit and amenities.

What you need to know about buying a condo:If you want to save some money and get the best deal, there are a number of options.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a condo.

What type of condo should you buy?

The number one reason you should buy a condo is the size.

Condos are ideal for people with large families or those who want a larger footprint, said Paul Giambastiani, director of research at Urban Strategies Group.

The average Toronto condo is just over six stories high, and the most affordable is around four stories, according to Urban Strategies.

They’re all made from prefabricated steel.

If you need a bigger space, consider buying a three-bedroom, three-bathroom unit.

But if you need space to live with family, consider one of the smaller, prefab homes.

This includes one- and two-bedroom units, or one-bedroom condos.

They can range from $1,200 to $1.3 million.

The biggest issue for condos, though, is the condo owners.

Many condo owners have little experience with condo renovations, said Giamsiani.

You also might want to consider getting a condo without a swimming pool.

There are some condos with large pools, but they’re usually expensive, Giambian said.

If you’re looking for a single-family house, a condo in Toronto’s downtown core is a good choice.

That means it has a lot of amenities, including a heated outdoor kitchen, heated outdoor bath, indoor gym and indoor swimming pool, among others.

You can also choose a detached condo that includes a shared living space.

It can cost $500,000 or more.

But there are also condos in the Greater Toronto Area that cost less, said Amanda McGlone, a senior analyst at Urban Solutions.

It also depends on the type of property.

The most expensive condos in Vancouver are in the west end, and condos in Surrey and the Toronto Islands are in North York, she said.

In the rest of Toronto, the most expensive condo is usually in the east end.

What to expect when it comes to condo pricesThe condo market in Toronto is in flux.

Some units are going for as much as $1 million.

But some are going below $500 and others are in line with recent data.

That’s the market as we know it today, said McGlones.

The condo price index, which measures the average cost of a single home in the GTA, is at its lowest point since November 2016, according a survey of economists by

That data showed prices in the market dropping more than 6 per cent in 2017.

It’s also a time of rising home prices, but we’re not seeing them hitting record highs right now, said John Kucharski, chief economist at Re/Max Real Estate.

That’s because the market has been slow to recover from the global financial crisis.

We’re still a little bit behind the recovery in many markets, he said.

But the condo market has returned to some level of activity in the past two years.

The median price for a detached home in Toronto has dropped more than 10 per cent since April.

In September, the median price was $3.1 million, up 9 per cent from April, according the report.

The median price of a condo has dropped about 6 per, 10 per, 11 per, 13 per cent, and 14 per cent over the past year.

In other words, condos are starting to sell at a higher pace.

The average price of condos in Ontario is $2.6 million, down 9 per, 15 per, 18 per, and 19 per cent.

But condo prices are not necessarily a good investment.

There may be a downside risk in a condo, said Kuchar.

You’re more likely to lose money if you invest in a property that is losing value over time, he added.

The main thing to remember when it came to buying a condominium is that there are fewer condos than people think.

There is a huge pool of potential buyers, according Giambis.

But you can also go for a great deal.

Some condos are selling for as little as $250,000, and there are some units selling for $2 million or more, said Chris Kiely, chief executive of Urban Strategies, which advises developers and buyers on condo and condo developments.

In addition, some condos are going to have many amenities, which can make them a good option.

A common question from buyers is, “Is it a good fit for my