How to buy a condo in Port Adelaide’s Point East: A guide to the city’s most expensive neighbourhoods

In some ways, Port Adelaide has always been a place where you can expect to pay more than you can find in other parts of the state.

The city is home to some of the country’s highest housing prices, with a median house price of $4.8 million, and rents in the city are the highest in the state at $1,766 per month.

The most expensive suburb is Point East, which is just over $2 million.

And yet there is also a degree of affordability, thanks to the quality of the homes, and the fact that you can buy a condominium and then live in it as a one-person family.

The median price for a home in Point East is $2.2 million, a 10 per cent increase over a year ago, and a $50,000 premium over the median price in the CBD.

This is mainly because the city is less expensive to live in than the CBD, but it’s also because of the quality and quantity of housing in the suburbs.

The Point East Condominium Association (PECOA) has launched a new campaign, ‘It’s About Port’, aimed at highlighting the affordable properties within the city, and it’s hoped the campaign will lead to a significant increase in the number of new condos being built.

“We’re hoping that this campaign will encourage developers to come in and take a look at the quality,” PECOA CEO Stephen Brown told RTE.

“There are a lot of properties that are in poor condition, they are not safe, and they are in some cases being built on the basis of a very low-value land.”

That’s not the way we want to work with developers in Port, so the idea of building on the premise that a condo is going to be cheaper than a house is really, really appealing.””

I think we have to work through the process of trying to work out what’s going on with those properties and what’s being made available for our members and our community, so we can work with them to find a way of making the value of those properties affordable,” Mr Brown added.”

But, it’s a process that we think is going well.

We’re working with a number of developers on their own to see if there is an opportunity to do that in Port.

“According to PECOPA’s chief executive, Craig Fennell, the condominium industry is facing its own set of challenges.”

I have seen a lot in Port that is not ideal.

It’s not like we have the infrastructure in place to manage the housing crisis, and we have seen some real problems with the planning process,” he said.”

One of the things that’s really happening in Port is that developers are getting in to see where the problems are, and work with us to work towards solutions.

“There are lots of projects that are not viable for now, and in some instances, they’re being built as one-bedroom units.”

While the demand for condominium housing in Port has been increasing over the past two years, the number is still relatively low, and there are only about 600 condominium units under construction in the entire city.

According to the latest figures from the Australian Council of Housing and Community Housing, there were only 6,000 apartments in the region at the end of 2017, and that figure has risen to over 10,000 in 2018.

“It’s a really difficult place to be a condorteur,” Mr Fennel said.

Port is really an exceptional city for condorteering, and this is just the start,” Mr Johnson said.”

But it’s certainly not going to happen overnight, and I think we are doing the right things, but there are lots more work to be taken on.”

“Port is really an exceptional city for condorteering, and this is just the start,” Mr Johnson said.