How to build a beachcrest condo on the edge of your neighborhood

A condo in Port Aransas, Texas, that’s a green space for the living, not the dining.

Its owner, the San Antonio Condominium Association, has built a condominium on the site of a former military base.

A condominium called the Beachcroll condominium is located near a new shopping center that will soon open up on the waterfront.

The condominium was built on a former base in Port Arnulfo, just east of San Antonio.

It’s one of two units on the new site that was developed by the condominium association for the new shopping complex.

It is being billed as a beachside apartment complex.

The San Antonio Development Corporation, which owns the site, told WFAA that the condos is “the most environmentally friendly unit in the project.”

It will be an affordable alternative to homes.

The city of San Francisco also recently bought the property and plans to convert it to a beach resort.