How to avoid being hit by a falling condo tower

A condo tower in Williamsburg, Virginia is being hailed as a “breathtaking” design innovation.

The 6,000-foot-tall condominium building, called “Williamsburg Condominiums,” will rise to an incredible height of 3,200 feet, according to ABC affiliate WAVY.

The building will feature a retractable roof, a retracting roof system, an underground elevator, a water feature and a 360-degree view.

It is the tallest condo building in the United States and the second tallest in the world, according a recent article by ABC News.

The tower, which will be the tallest in Virginia, will feature an elevator to help customers get to the top.

The condominium will also feature a rooftop bar that will be open for guests, according ABC News affiliate WSB-TV.

“The whole structure is going to be amazing,” Williamburg resident David Lohman told ABC News, adding, “It’s going to do a lot of things to your house that you didn’t think it was going to.

The views are incredible.

It’s going, wow, wow.”

The project will also include a rooftop pool, rooftop tennis courts, a fitness center and more.

The project is expected to create millions of square feet of commercial space, according WAVy.

The project has also been praised by some local residents.

In addition to its soaring height, the condominium project also has a retractible roof system.

The rooftop pool will be accessible via a staircase.