Condominium owners in Saskatoon to get rid of condo unit in condo tower

It’s time for condo owners in downtown Saskatoon who are living in apartments and condos to get out.

The city says condominium units must be put to a public vote, and that the unit owners are entitled to a “significant discount” on their taxes if they don’t vote in favour.

“The condominium owners, who have voted for a public referendum to determine if they should live in a condo, are entitled as a result of the referendum to receive a significant discount on their annual property taxes if no condo units are voted on,” Saskatoon’s public works department said in a statement.

The condominium developers would pay the city’s share of the city property tax.

A spokesperson for Mayor Brad Duguid said the city is aware of the issue and is working with developers on a plan to make condominiums more affordable.

He said the council will consider the issue when it meets in January.

The council is scheduled to vote on the plan to extend condominium development until 2023.