Condo on the market for $2.4M, $2M of which is for the roof

San Diego’s most expensive residential property is on the block for $1.8 million, according to listing agent Seaspraya Condominiums.

The 7,900-square-foot condominium is located at 516 North Park Avenue, San Diego, which is also the address of the Oak Hill Condominium and San Diego Convention Center.

The property is listed at $2,837,927.

The listing agent, Michael Tompkins, told that the $2 million was made up of the buyer’s upfront payment and an $85,000 down payment.

The listing agent did not say what the down payment was.

The condominium was originally priced at $1 million, but the listing agent was unsure of the new price.

The property is located on North Park between 2nd and 3rd avenues and is currently for sale.

The seller has not yet responded to our request for comment.