Buses hit Broadway, park in Boca Raton

Buses are on their way to Boca for the weekend as part of the first phase of the city’s “Grand Boca” project.

The city said the buses will depart from the Orange County Airport on Saturday, July 24, and travel to Bocas resort, with the first leg of the trip taking them to Bayshore Beach Park and the Boca River Park.

This is the second leg of an expansion of the Orange Coast Bus Project, which is designed to create new routes for Boca and the surrounding area.

Buses are also planned to stop in Downtown Boca, West Palm Beach, Santa Barbara, and West Palm, as well as on the west coast of Florida, and in some cities on the east coast.

They are expected to be operating from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., with an estimated 30 percent of the trips taking place on weekends.

In an emailed statement, Orange County Transportation Authority Director of Public Affairs Paul Hargrave said the new buses will be equipped with additional seat-belts, seat-belt signage, a speed limit of 55 mph and an emergency response team.

He added that the buses are equipped with seat belts and are equipped to respond to emergency situations, including fire and collision.

For more information about the Grand Boca project, visit www.boca-noc.org/grand-boca.

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