Bayshores condo is one of five properties sold by ‘shenanigans’ to wealthy buyers

Bayshire Condominiums (BCs) is one property that has been sold for $3.5 million.

The five properties have been purchased by wealthy buyers.

Bayshires Condominium was a residential unit building with 14 suites and two terraces, all with private balconies.

The properties are being marketed as “shenanyard-style” condos with a large backyard and outdoor seating.

The property is situated on the northwest corner of Oak Street and Westgate Drive in Bayshill.

It’s located just a block from the Bayswater Community Centre and adjacent to Bayshell Golf Course.

The owners say the property will be “focussed on community engagement” and is not for sale.

B.C. Health is looking into the complaints and will be able to comment in due course.