Ashton condos’ land grab puts tenants’ rights at risk

The condominium industry has been rocked by a massive land grab by the Ashton Condominiums Corporation (ACCC) and its owners.

Ashton’s land grab and its attempts to purchase land at affordable prices have led to widespread outrage among tenants and neighbours.

ACCC chairman Amitabh Kant said that the ACCC has sought to acquire land to build affordable housing.

The land purchase, which has gone to the board of the ACBC, is part of an aggressive plan to develop a 10-storey, 20-acre site for the development of the Ashburn and St Helens Condominium Communities.

Kant said the plan was to create “suburban housing, with a lot of low-income and low-cost accommodation, in an affordable location” near Ashburn High School and St George’s College.

“It is not a land grab,” Kant said.

“It is about development, about helping people access affordable housing, and it’s also about the health and safety of the residents.

I think it is a bad decision for the residents and the people in that community.”

The land grab has raised concerns about the safety of residents and residents’ safety.

While the ACC’s purchase of the land is part and parcel of its strategy to build a 10 storey, 10-acre development site for its new Ashburn condominium, its plan to purchase a portion of the nearby land to develop affordable housing is also raising concerns among residents. 

Residents are concerned that the sale of their land will be used to build an affordable housing project that will require access to unsafe building materials.

At a recent community meeting, residents said the land grab is also concerning because it is encroaching on the property where the ACRC has planned to construct an affordable house.

The land is now being held by the ACTC and is currently listed on the ACCA website.

Amitabh said the ACCT is seeking to acquire the land to construct the new housing.

He said the decision to purchase the land was a “private decision”.

“It has been made to create affordable housing,” Amitabhan said.

The ACCC said the property is not part of its “development strategy”. 

Kant added that the land purchase was part of a strategy to “create affordable housing” in the community.

“The land acquisition has been a private decision made by the property owner, and we will be following it up with the property owners,” Kant told the ABC.

“This is part in our development strategy.”

The ACCA is yet to respond to The Hindu’s request for comment.